ELKO RAUH - bipolar rough-foil electrolytic capacitors ELKO RAUH 100Vdc/35Vac rated range & ELKO RAUH 63Vdc/23Vac rated range of electrolytic capacitors. Technical data: Tolerance: +/-10% Connecting leads: Axial, tinned Construction: Axially wound, can style Loss angle tan: 0.12 (1kHz; 20oC) Climatic category: 40/085/21 (IEC) Table/chart headings: Part No.//Capacity//Length//Diameter//DC Voltage rating//Type uF mm mm Loss angle tan factor indicates the relationship between the no-loss capacitive current going through the capacitor and the current-resistive losses, which exist when a capacitor is operated in an AC/signal carrying circuit. The loss factor is determined with a 1kHz sinewave.